A public player profile that contains data,

overall player rating, Achievements

and NFT GameFi projects.

For the Player

Seamless authentication to our partners' GameFi projects, the ability to participate in private events, and access to special resources.

For the Developer

A way to protect the game's economy from bots and automated services, plus the ability to offer better terms for the player according to their experience in other projects.

All Your Trophies in One Place

Once you connect the blockchain wallets that hold your NFT game assets, you will be able to create your own Trophy Shelf. It will give a special status to your profile, which will be appreciated not only by your friends but also by Game Inn members.

Multipass will also store data about your achievements in Game Inn's and partners' projects. It's up to you to decide whether you want to show your achievements to the public or not!

Take part in Game Inn events and rankings to win prizes

By participating in events, you can win valuable digital prizes, merchandise, and NFTs from the game development studios and Game Inn.

Each level of multipass will grant you access to special events organized by Game Inn in collaboration with various game projects.

Multipass Levels

  • Common

    Gives access to basic features of the website and games as soon as you log in

  • Gamer

    Get a chance to participate in Game Inn events and activities

  • Advanced

    Prove you are not a robot and get access to the rewards distribution and private events of the project

  • Professional

    Grants access to demos, private token sales, and NFT drops

  • Легендарный

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